A Bike Friday Xtracycle

Bike Friday is designing an Xtracycle-compatible collapsible small tire longtail cargo bike called the “Haul-A-Day.”

Still on Haul-a-day! Digging the ride so far. #xtracycle #bikefriday #familybiking

This is a prototype but I’m told a production model will be available Real Soon Now (maybe in time for Interbike?). This one breaks down for shipping so it’s not a true folder because Bike Friday wants to keep the base model as affordable as possible, but they are thinking of ways to have a foldable model.

A folding cargo bike. Is that a kick or what?

Shane MacRhodes, who is helping with the design, touts the bike’s compact design for multimodal use, low center of gravity and step-over frame. He also notes that small wheels are stronger for big loads and give you the option of a low front fixed basket. The rear cargo area is compatible with Xtracycle Longtail Technology products. The “One Size Adjusts to All” (OSATA) frame fits riders from 4’6″ to 6’4″ tall.

Shane says he hopes to have a post describing this Made in USA bike in more detail soon. You can find more pictures of this bike in action over at his Flickr photostream, which includes a photo of the bike loaded into the bike bay on our California Amtrak trains.

Bike Friday Haul-a-day on Amtrak! Capitol Corridor to Davis

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