Bicycle cable lock integrated into seatpost

This is reasonably clever, and the video is cute. Adrian in Vancouver, BC has a bicycle cable lock integrated into the seatpost. You can buy his “InterLock” cable via this Kickstarter project.

Yeah, it’s a cable lock, which is pretty useless for Santa Cruz, San Francisco and downtown San Jose, California. For suburban rides (like near my office in Santa Clara), I’ve found a cable lock is just fine for quick runs into the coffee shop, but your mileage may vary. Seatpost size is 27.2mm, which is your standard road bike seatpost diameter.

The Interlock - cable lock integrated into bicycle seatpost

More info, including HOWTO video and pretty photos, over at The Interlock website. H/T to Grego in San Francisco, who suggests this Interlock might also be a good idea on transit.


  1. I like the idea, but if it can’t secure the front wheel and you need to carry a lock anyway for that part, it bums me out. Good for the “quick stop” scenario though…

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