BioLogic introduces Bluetooth Smart heartrate monitor

BioLogic, a brand known mostly for their products for urban bike commuters, announced a new Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor at the Taipei Cycle Show today.

Biologic Heart Rate Strap Bluetooth SMART

The chest strap heart rate monitor communicates with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and newer iPod Touch devices. Bluetooth Smart Ready Android devices include the Samsung Galaxy S III, and Droid RAZR. If you don’t mind strapping a tablet to your bike or back, newer Apple iPads and many Windows 8 tablets are also Bluetooth Smart Ready.

Bluetooth Smart devices such as the BioLogic Heart Rate Strap communicate wirelessly with the super energy efficient Bluetooth Smart wireless protocol, which allows for approximately 200 hours of use from one coin-cell battery. BioLogic says the Heart Rate Strap “works with many smartphone apps.”

BioLogic claims their “SoftCore” chest strap utilizes Suunto patented technology to integrate flexible electrodes for superb comfort and “forget it’s there” fit on this washable strap. MSRP is US$69/€69 and available Real Soon Now from your local BioLogic dealer and online purchase.

Product details at BioLogic website –> Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap.

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