Common sense rules for cyclist / pedestrian interaction

A pair of writers for Slate — one a pedestrian, the other a cyclist — come together and create a list of common sense rules to avoid conflict between the two groups.

Market Street sidewalk cyclist

I call them ‘common sense,’ but in online discussions I get the impression that joggers, for example, seem to think they’re not inconveniencing anybody by running against traffic in the bike lane next to busy traffic. Sidewalk cyclists are often pushy and rude, blasting through crowds with no regard to the safety of the more vulnerable users around them.

In urban environments, roads and intersections are a shared space where multiple modes of travel interact. Sure, there’s a flow, but those of us on bikes are still capable of startling walkers and it won’t usually kill you to slow down for a walker.

Remember the Golden Rule – treat others as you expect to be treated. Everybody who reads Cyclelicious is above average in this regard, of course, but if you need a refresher, go read this refresher by Laura Anderson and Aisha Harris. Let’s all go along to get along.

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