Cyclist killed in Fremont

David Martinez “collided with a car” (says the Fremont Patch in a lovely exception to the usual passive voice in crash journalism, along with the usual victim blaming in the reader comments) early Monday morning on Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont, CA. According to news reports, Martinez was pronounced at the scene after rescuers failed to revive him. My condolences to those close to Martinez.

Apparently nobody besides the driver witnessed this crash since the police are asking for information regarding it. No doubt another SWSS.

I saw mention of this on Twitter shortly after it happened then forgot to post about it later.

H/T to Kristen. I biked up Niles Canyon Road from Fremont this morning. There seem to be many motorists there who equate “share the road” with “buzz by within inches of that cyclist.” I had to be a lot more assertive in my lane positioning than usual.

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