Defying Poverty With Bicycles

Sue Knaup has a passion to encourage cycling for all members of society. One way she does this is through One Street‘s Social Bike Business program which supports local leaders who are committed to providing disadvantaged people with affordable, quality transportation bicycles; job training; and jobs. One Street’s social bike program follows a sustainable business model, charging full retail for products and services with microloans and subsidies going only to people who truly need them. They provide their services at a bicycle community center that’s open during normal business hours in a location convenient and welcoming to the most disadvantaged residents of their community.

To guide people to create a social bike business, Knaup has published Defying Poverty with Bicycles.

Defy Poverty with Bicycles book cover

This 206 book defines the social bike business (profitable while serving disadvantaged communities; pays market wages; provides jobs and job training in bicycle repair, bicycle manufacture, cyclist education, customer service, management and bike shop ownership to disadvantaged people) then explains how to assemble your team, plan for success, raise capital, launch your program and manage your center. Knaup even goes into local manufacturing as a way to further serve the local population. She then suggests creative fund raising and outreach through things like public art programs, bike rentals, government programs and bike advocacy.

Click through to Amazon by clicking on the book cover above (which gets me a few pennies), or buy directly from One Street Press.

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