Denis McDonough commutes by bike

I’ve seen the reports that Denis McDonough was a hard core bike commuter who rode the seven miles from his Maryland home into Washington. When President Barack Obama announced his selection of McDonough for his new Chief of Staff, though, he quipped to McDonaough’s children, “Dad will probably have to stop riding his bike to work. As chief of staff, I don’t think that’s allowed.”

And why not, Mr President?

The League of American Bicyclist’s asks the same question. No doubt his role as Chief of Staff carries a higher profile than his previous gig as Deputy National Security Advisor, but he’s a long time Obama confidant who put in long hours at the White House helping with several national security decisions and emergencies over the past four years.

If McDonough wants to ride and if he can perform to his employer’s satisfaction, the choice should be his. Andy Clarke says Let Denis ride. You can also follow discussion of this on Twitter at #letdenisride.

H/T Spingineer for the news and bilsko for the tweet tip.


  1. Also, just realized that the WABA post was mostly a copy of the LAB post –which also mentioned the Twitter Hashtag.
    Lesson: check the links before you comment!

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