Made In USA leather bicycle bags by Detroit Cargo

You might be surprised to know that Detroit got its start as the center of the American automotive industry by being a center of bicycle manufacturing. Several early car companies began as bicycle manufacturers, and the car factories contracted with the same suppliers of ball bearings and mechanical parts that bicycle factories used.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a slow return to bike-related industry in and around the old Motor City. Take a look, for example, at this Made In Detroit leather saddle bag — the “Woodward” from Detroit Cargo.

Detroit Cargo woodward leather saddle bag made in USA

Detroit Cargo also sells handcrafted leather handlebar bags and frame bags. You select either Stout, Amber, or Lager for the color (har har). Prices range from $80 to $84. Add $5 for USA shipping, $20 to Canada and Mexico, or $25 for parcel post elsewhere around the world.

Marc at Detroit Cargo asked me to point out their vegan vs leather discussion. One of the two partners is vegetarian, while the other consumes meat only occasionally. I get the feel that they’re still a little undecided on the ethics of using leather and they invite your feedback.

Peruse and buy at Detroit Cargo.

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