Feed Zone Portables by Dr Allen Lim

What do you call a book that features full color food porn and bike porn all between the same covers?

Food Porn + Bike Porn = Perfect

Feed Zone Portables is the second collaboration between sports physiologist Dr Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas. This cookbook of 75 portable food recipes includes nine recipes just for pancakes and waffles. How awesome is that?

Portables shows the athlete how to prepare simple yet tasty snacks (like cute miniature pancakes) you can eat on the run. Like their previous book, the Feed Zone Cookbook, Lim and Thomas give their recipes as guidelines to give the creative athlete the tools he or she needs to create custom crafted goodies for the road. The cooking instructions are specific and detailed enough that any idiot with a stove and a baking sheet can figure out how to create the various savory and sweet recipes in Portables.


Lim the scientist also includes helpful information on how your body stores, delivers and burns the energy you consume. He gives us updates on the latest research in hydration and even fad foods like coconut water.

It’s good stuff. The photos make me salivate and encourage me to get out there and ride right now. You can find this book (published by Velopress) from your local bike shop or buy it online. Note that I might receive a nickel or three of the purchase price if you buy through that Amazon affiliate link.

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