New, modular lightweight multitool

Two pieces, four tools, and it converts into a tool with a handle for leverage!

Fix It Sticks - Modular cycling multitool

Cat 3 racer Brian Davis of Appleton, WI developed this new twist on a cycling multitool. Fix It Sticks gives cyclists a lightweight, high-leverage multitool without any excess. The unique design uses two different sticks that combine to form a T-handle. Similar to a three-way wrench found in every cyclist’s toolbox, except compact enough to ride with.

Davis has been selling a homegrown version of this through bike shops near Appleton, but today he launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand production and, hopefully, distribution.

Fix It Sticks’ minimalist two-piece design allows cyclists to customize the tools they pack in a lightweight, compact set that contains no moving parts.

Fix It Sticks underwent multiple rounds of prototyping to arrive at the current version, which will closely mirror the production tool, complete with eye-catching and durable anodized finish.

“So far, we’ve built and sourced everything in the immediate area of Appleton, Wisconsin,” Davis said. “We’ll be keeping all the production in the U.S. so we can ensure the best quality product.”

Keeping with a local, low-impact ethos, Fix It Sticks will be shipped with minimal packaging and a carrying case made from recycled inner tubes.

“We wanted to create a simple case for a simple tool,” Davis said. “If you lose the case, you can make a new one in about 30 seconds from an old tube.”

Support this project at Kickstarter –> Fix It Sticks-A Fantastically Unique Bicycle Multitool

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