Here’s what I would’ve done on that Fremont commuter challenge

A pair of journalists at the Mercury-News raced from Fremont BART to Market & Montgomery in San Francisco. Josh Richman drove solo up I-880 and across the Bay Bridge; Thomas Peele rode Amtrak Capital Corridor the SF ferry from Jack London Square, in Oakland.


Richman in his car just managed to beat Peele, although Richman spent a more for the 37 mile trip.

Google Maps says the 37.2-mile drive should take 45 minutes; it took two hours and 14 minutes, including a 20-minute stop in Oakland. Richman’s cost: gas mileage, a $6 bridge toll, a $25 flat-fee parking tab (gouging!) and a few new gray hairs.

Peele — who spent $13.85 more than he would have for a direct BART fare — arrived at the San Francisco Ferry Building just before 9 a.m. — about an hour and 37 minutes longer than the whole trip would’ve taken on BART

For Fremont commuters, I had suggested a combination of VTA 181 and Caltrain for a trip to San Francisco. VTA Express bus fare is $4; Caltrain one way fare is $9 for the four zone trip to the City from San Jose for a total trip cost of $13. Unlike the ferry, Caltrain San Jose is a relatively sleepy station. Depending on which combination of bus and trains he might have caught based on his 6:30 departure from Fremont, Peele would have arrived at 4th & King station anywhere from 8:02 to 8:42 AM. From there it’s a 15 minute walk, a five minute bike ride, or a 10 minute Muni ride to the Financial District.

Best case, Peele trounces Richman. Worst case, he comes in about the same time as his Amtrak / Ferry combo.

California Amtrak offers a much nicer ride than Caltrain, which is reflected in the fare. And the ferry is must nicer than the VTA bus, so in my mind the difference between East Bay vs South Bay commute is about a draw.

More about the Richman / Peele race in the Mercury News: The Great BART Strike Race of 2013: A recap.


And now for a little bike news

Denver cyclists, do you know about that new bike path to Golden that runs immediately adjacent to the W light rail line?

Manhattan police write two traffic tickets to cyclists for each speeding ticket issued to a motorist. Drivers kill at least two cyclists and pedestrians every month in Manhattan, while cyclists kill a pedestrian once in a decade in all of New York City.

Ah man, too bad so sad for Ted King in the Tour de France.

Lennard Zinn on tubless road tires. I’m a recent and enthusiastic convert.

DC Bike Party One Year Anniversary Ride.

Traffic survey shows bicycles constitute 24% of traffic in London, England.

Anthony Foxx, who likes bikes, is sworn in as US Secretary of Transportation.

Beyonce, who is known for taking impromptou bike rides as she tours, performs in San Jose tonight. How many of you saw her biking around downtown today?

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