Funk or Rave?

Happy Northern Solstice, all. If you’re south of the arctic circle and north of the equator, today is your longest day of the year.

To celebrate this longest day in northern California, you have a choice between two bike parties tonight.

Santa Cruz Bike Party Funky Soulstice Ride begins 7 PM at the Bike Church on the corner of Pacific and Laurel.

Funky Soulstice Ride Santa Cruz Bike Party

And San Jose Bike Party “RAVE RIDE” begins at 8 PM tonight at St James Park on 1st and St James Street in downtown San Jose.

Which should you attend?

The Rave Ride in San Jose will be huge, epic, and wild. I anticipate record crowds.

The Santa Cruz ride tends to be a little more lawful, more intimate, much smaller (a couple of dozen participants vs literally multiple thousands in San Jose), and just more mellow overall. Look for me at the Santa Cruz ride tonight.

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