Green paint on Hedding Street

San Jose city council member Sam Liccardo, who represents the city’s downtown district, applies green paint to the asphalt on Hedding Street just east of Highway 87 during a press event.

Hedding Street bikeway press conference

This event announced the start of the Hedding Street green bikeway project, which is San Jose’s first green bike lanes. San Fernando Street will come later this year.

You can view video of the press conference here if you’d like. Liccardo gave the best (which is to say, the shortest) speech.

Lady Fleur got a photo of me looking like a dork that you can view here.

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  1. Ugh, that’s not a bike lane. It’s some sort of non-standard one-way cycle track. (Notice the buffer.)

    They should have put the buffer in the gutter and painted a standard bike lane to the left of the buffer.

    I’m almost afraid to ask: What do the intersections look like? How does right-turning traffic interact with cycle track traffic?

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