If it bleeds, it leads

I’ve done it now.

This morning, I posted a ridiculously sensationalist piece about the police helicopter riding herd on last Friday night’s San Jose Bike Party. It kind of went viral and spawned discussion in various social media about the unlawful miscreants who cause problems for the rest of us, along with various sub-discussions among Internet lawyers about the legality of declaring unlawful assemblies when somebody shoots off a few large fireworks in a quiet residential neighborhood in the middle of the night.

I think I gave that impression that Bike Party is an uncontrolled mob of violent anarchists bent on overthrowing everything good and wonderful about America.

Yeah, we probably have a few people like that, but Bike Party mostly consists of everyday people just out to have a good time. There’s no statement except “This is fun!” This is what 5,000 people on bikes in heavy traffic looks like in America.

San Jose Bike Party No Pants Ride July 2013

For a more positive spin on last Friday that gives a better impression of the overall vibe of the event, I recommend a visit to Tian Harter’s description of the ride.

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  1. I’ve watched the movie. It seemed to be crazy fun. Ah, I think they rode faster than I expected. Some lawyers seem to argue the risk from the personal assemblies. In my opinion, it’s difficult to understand that you can freely hold your guns and you can’t freely assemble your Bikes. It’s crazy.

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