The perfect women’s bike pant from Iladora

We’re finally beginning to see more non-sporty apparel options for women who still want features specific to cyclewear. Shortly after I posted about these women’s cycling jeans from Betabrand, I heard from Iladora about their made in San Francisco “Perfect Bike Pant.”

Iladora women's cycling pants

Do you see how our model Leslie has that drive-side leg rolled up? That’s held in place with a magnetic strap. When this magnetic roll-up strap is not deployed, the pants look like office slacks.


These pants made with water-resistant, 4-way stretch nylon / Spandex are designed by women who ride in San Francisco. Features important for cyclists include a high rear waist for coverage, sweat-wicking liner, and reinforced seams. This video demonstrates the design features of this pant.

The Perfect Bike Pant – ILADORA Apparel from Iladora Apparel on Vimeo.

These pants can be purchased through this Indiegogo campaign, and they’re already a third of the way to their $15,000 goal after only four days, with 32 days to go.

More info, price, and buying options for Iladora’s Perfect Bike Pant at


  1. Interesting. I tried making my own magnetic cuffs for cycling. Worked great until I put them in the dryer. Magnets stuck to the inside and the pants got all twisted. I wonder how these pants deal with that. Or maybe using two neodymium magnets was just overkill?

  2. Hey Stuart, they are hardcore neodymium magnets so they will stick on. However, we don’t recommend using the dryer, unless on low, as they are a nylon that easily dries. Also, the magnets are epoxy coated, making them waterproof. Let me know if you have anymore questions

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