Remembering Joe Brazil of St. Charles County, Missouri

Some of you might remember Joe Brazil, the St. Charles County Missouri councilman who wanted to ban bikes from several county roads because of his abiding concern for traffic safety.

Recently, our safety-conscious councilman was arrested for failing to pay the fine for allegedly running a red light.

Brazil was arrested after an officer stopped him for another (unspecified) traffic violation.

Perhaps Joe Brazil should focus his safety efforts on the real hazards.


  1. As expected, elected leaders who use the power of their office in attempts to ban cyclists from public roads are the ones who are most likely to ignore speed limits, stop lights, create unsafe streets and want to expand government at the expense of individual freedom.

    You would think local advocacy groups like Great Rivers Greenway would be more outspoken about these problems… but they remain consistently silent.

  2. It may be a tad off point… But he IS unethical. Joe Brazil treats blue collar workers with contempt , asking his trash man if he enjoyed the smell of Brazil’s dumpster

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