My dad’s disaster response story

I just realized I never posted about this here on the blog.

My dad’s story about using bikes to ferry disaster relief supplies into an earthquake zone was published in Elly Blue’s Disaster edition earlier this year.

My dad's story in the "Disaster" issue of Taking the Lane

My dad and I share the same name. He was a vice president for cellular network equipment provider in Tokyo when the Great Hanshin Quake destroyed Kobe and environs in 1995. It took a few days to reach the area by a combination of train and cargo bike, but even then my dad and his team were among the first to arrive in the center of the disaster area.

It’s a pretty good story. You can read the full thing by paying eight and half bucks for a copy of the ‘zine here. Pricing is based on my typical demographic.

I’ll be at the San Jose Bike Share launch later today. The bike share stations are solar powered, and there’s some durability built into the cell phone network that’s used to authorize bike releases to members. I wonder how this bike share system will hold up in the event of a moderate quake?

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