Rapha publishes a travel guide

Coming real soon now: City Cycling: Europe, a collection of eight books covering eight different European cities.

Rapha City Cycling Guide to Europe

Each of these eight books covers a different city — London, Antwerp & Ghent, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona with illustrations in each book provided by a local. Each guide book is a deep dive that provides more than just the usual list of must-sees and travel routes.

Rapha Cycling Guide: Milan excerpt

Like most things from Rapha, these books are created by avid cyclists for the avid cyclist and are best suited for the serious rider who is comfortable riding on unfamiliar roads. The guide books include tips and tricks on local road etiquette, i.e. what can you get away with.

Amazon describes this as a harcover, but each individual 7″ X 5″ booklet is a softcover that slides into a back jersey pocket.

Preorder: City Cycling: Europe.

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