Bay Area bike theft in the news

San Francisco’s CBS news affiliate visited the Laney Flea Market in Oakland in their story on bike thefts in the Bay Area.

The vendors at the Laney flea market weren’t too interested in showing their faces to the news cameras or talking with the reporter, and they all claim they don’t know where the bikes come from.

I’ve asked vendors at the Santa Cruz flea market where their bikes come from. They typically answer they’re selling for a friend or relative, or that they got the bikes from an estate sale or auction “down in Los Angeles.” Uh huh.

H/T to Platty Jo.

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  1. When I had a bike stolen in SF, I made sure to check out the Laney market. There I found lots of likely-stolen bicycles, but not mine. The market is also a good place to go to pick up somebody’s stolen tools, both hand and power. Grrr.

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