Bikes and beats, San Jose Friday night

Some of the people behind San Jose Bike Party now bring you “Guerrillaz In Da Mixx” featuring Deep Crates DJs Jason Douglas and Matt Holland.

San Jose Dance Party with Bikes: Guerrillaz In Da Mixx

This mobile bicycle dance party seeks out the forgotten, the forbidden and utilizes the element of surprise and extraordinary mobility, according to event organizers.

Rides will never be a race – Getting to any party early is never a good idea! 12-15 miles total with 1-2 longggg dance stops. Routes will never be posted, but 24 hours prior to the ride, key areas along the route will be provided to integrate yourself if you miss the start.

This ride is different from San Jose Bike Party, with a single posse of synced up sound systems playing a single playlist rather than the several sound systems you see at Bike Party.

The first GIDM begins this Friday night, July 26 2013 8 PM at the San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose. For more information, see the event Facebook page. Andrew Boone has also posted details at the Peninsula Bike Party website where he’s organized a Sunnyvale feeder ride.

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