Santa Cruz Jump Jam aerial footage

Those of you who visited the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival last weekend probably saw the R/C multicopter floating around the festival grounds. This chopper was built and operated by Matthew Lavin, who builds these machines for clients. He kindly provided his video footage from the Sunday Jump Jam for your enjoyment.


I met with Matthew yesterday morning on West Cliff Drive, where he shot video of wounder war veterans learning to surf in Operation Surf. I watched one guy with no legs do a handstand to surf! A CBS crew from Los Angeles were also there filming Operation Surf for a documentary that will air in May.

Today, I’m on my way (by bike and bus) to the Sea Otter Festival in Monterey, California. If you see a guy on a bike pulling a Burley Travoy trailer on Highway 68 south of Salinas or suffering up the 16% grade of A Road at Laguna Seca, that’s probably me. For that uphill portion, I’ll likely accept offers of a ride if you happen to have a truck.


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