Santa Cruz surf calendar

Meet Jamie Bianchini of Santa Cruz.

Jamie Bianchini rides a bicycle

I saw Jamie riding his bike Saturday afternoon distributing his 2014 Tide & Light Calendars to local businesses in the vicinity of Brommer and 17th in Santa Cruz.

This calendar shows times for sunrise and sunset along with time and depth of high tide and low tide each day, featuring the work of local artists and photographers. Each month also shows an example of some of our local Santa Cruz surf action and ocean life.

Tide & Light Calendar

Anyone who loves ocean sports, boating, beaches, tide pools, sunsets, nature and spending lots of time outdoors will love this calendar. For you Santa Cruz people, this is also a nice gift to send to your friends to let them know what they’re missing out on. If you buy this calendar as a gift, jump on it right away to allow for shipping time. Local pickup is also available in Santa Cruz.

More info and to buy –> Tide & Light Calendar.

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