Coming Soon: The Raven Bike

San Jose Bike Party calls their volunteer helpers “BIRDs,” which stands for “Bicycle Information Resource Director.” ”

Ravens” are the elite BIRDs who try to clean up at the bike party meetup locations, but it’s an overwhelming and thankless job, and at many recent parties Bike Party have left behind huge piles of trash.

In an attempt to address this problem, Joe Tate imported eight of these trash pickup bikes from a Dutch bike builder. The hope is that riders will stow their trash in these mobile trash cans instead of just dumping everything on the roadside and parking lots.

Joe Tate's new Raven bike

Front loaded tadpole configuration gives super easy handling. Eight speed Shimano Nexus hubs provide more than enough gear range for the modest hills San Jose Bike Party might encounter. Dynamo front light and battery tail light ensure visibility. Because Bike Party happens every month of the year, fenders and chainguard help with all weather operation.

In addition to trash pickup, these bikes will also carry air pumps, basic tools, and first aid kits. You’ll see some of these Raven bikes debut at this Friday’s Bike Party. Watch for the route reveal at the bike party website Thursday evening.

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