Slowing after passing is permission to draft, right?

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays.

When I’m riding a little below tempo and the guy who’s been grunting and panting behind me finally passes only to slow to my speed immediately in front of me, that’s an implicit invitation to suck his wheel, right?

Bicycle news after a brief stop at San Jose’s Little Italy.

Bike thefts are up dramatically this year from BART stations. 18% of those thefts occurred at BART stations in the city of Oakland.

SRAM’s hydraulic brake replacement plan: mechanical brakes while you wait for SRAM to redesign a new and improved hydraulic brake.

The Medicine Bow National Forest rail trail suit will be heard by the Supreme Court on January 14. The tl;dr summary: Federal Government gave (gave, as in free) a 66 mile x 200 foot easement to a railroad across Wyoming public lands in 1904. Marvin Brandt obtained acreage along this railroad in 1976. Brandt presumably accesses his little corner of paradise in the middle of a National Forest using federally financed Forest Service Roads. The railroad abandoned their right of way in 2000. Forest Service begins the process to build a rail trail along the right of way in 2005. Brandt says the former railroad easement is his and has taken this fight to the Supreme Court with the help of libertarian interest groups. Several libertarian organizations (Northwest Legal Foundation, Cato Institute, a “National Association of Reversionary Property Owners” which describes cyclists as “zealots,” Pacific Legal Foundation and Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, New England Legal Foundation) have filed friend of the court briefs claiming the rail trail is an unconstitutional taking of private property. No cycling, outdoors, or hiking groups have filed briefs for this case as of this writing.

Spain to promote cycle tourism.

San Francisco Fire Department shows they still don’t understand pedestrian statement.

Australian Micheal Rogers tests positive for clenbuterol, uses the “Spanish beef” defense made famous Alberto Contador.

Refinery 29: One woman’s shopping experience at bike shops.

More pre-Christmas Friday recaps

Guitar Ted: Friday news and views in which he reviews his year of cycling.

Urban Velo Week in biking recap.

Bel Bacio Cafe

While biking past San Jose Little Italy this morning I stopped in at Bel Bacio Cafe.

This delightful, homey family business is easily accessible from the Guadalupe River Trail immediately south of Julian Street. Bel Bacio uses beans imported from Italian roasters. You can order the usual coffee drinks, of course. They also sell 250 ml bags (whole beans and various grinds) for around $8 each if you’re looking for a unique stocking stuffer.


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