Summertime and bikes

Sorry for the sparse blogging and bicycle news updates lately, but nice weather means time away from the computer and lots of time outdoors with my family.

Bike the Bay: Teens cycle from Santa Cruz to Monterey and back

Say hello to Pedro, age 14. This Harbor High School freshman rode his Fuji track bike 50 miles last Saturday to spend the weekend in Monterey with a dozen other Santa Cruz teens and Green Ways To School. Green Ways works to encourage students to bike, walk or take the bus to school.

Pedro and his Fuji track bike

The teens and their adult chaperones stayed at the Monterey Youth Hostel and then biked backed on Monday. Many of these students, such as the teenager below, learn to maintain their own bikes at the Santa Cruz Bike Church.

Teen bike trip to Monterey

Other bike stories

Pedicabs get set to stretch across San Francisco illustrated with a photo by Yours Truly.

The month of May is almost over, so I suppose I should mention the National Bike Challenge that’s also almost over.

I’ve logged my miles in the past for this “Go Big or Go Home” challenge which rewards mileage. I once won a “green” prize in Menlo Park for logging the most non-car commute miles, but frankly, I only won this prize because I live stupidly far from the office and I’m willing to combine bike + bus + train for my commute. Should we reward people like me with mega-commutes from a bedroom community because we don’t drive to the office?

I especially like Lady Fleur’s interpretation, though, which she calls the Anything Goes Commuter Challenge. She challenges her readers to try different commute modes to mix things up. She originally didn’t plan to ride the bus, but I managed to goad her into it.

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