The face of a bike thief

Last Friday, @SFMCAS stopped a bike thief in front of Westfield San Francisco Centre at Union Square and snapped a photo of the alleged perp’s arrest.

Bike thief arrest in San Francisco

By Sunday, this thief was back on the streets. He was seen with a white singlespeed at Market & Castro.

Thank you to SFMCAS for being our eyes on the street.

I talked off the record about bike theft with one of the private security guards at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk over the weekend. He tells me the latest thief was caught by a guard who monitors security video feeds. “The cameras point straight at the bikes racks,” explains officer H***. “We catch guys stealing bikes all the time, especially in the middle of the night. They’re kind of stupid, you know.”

He explained it’s easier to spot attempt thefts during the winter months when there’s much less bike activity, so theft is a little more obvious.

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