The Post likes bikes, and more Hump Day bicycle news

The New York Post suddenly likes bikes? The caption for this bike style gallery includes the text, “We like bike! No matter your style, there’s an outfit for every ride.”

NY Post: "We like bikes."

New book to Go Green features a section on bike commuting by our friends at Commute By Bike.

Chinese DIY Inventions gallery features a bike powered wheelchair and bike powered air filtration . That second thing would likely get you arrested and sent to Guantanamo here in the USA. Via Skidmore.

We had a new bike trail open in Santa Cruz Pogonip Park last weekend. Pierre Tardif took photos from the trail opening ceremony. The public trail across a city park was built with $25,000 in private donations and hundreds of hours of volunteer labor organized by the local mountain bike club.

This is why I often avoid putting a “green” label on cycling on these pages.

Grist’s story on the diversity of cyclists used one of my photos. Lifehacker picks up a photo of a guy getting a leg massage for this story on the right workout.

Some of our local blogs are breathless about newly revealed details of Google’s proposed east campus. No mention is made of the opposition from bike commuters at NASA Ames, who will be cut off from easy bike access to their offices when Google bisects the Stevens Creek Trail with their private bus bridges. There’s still significant concern among some Mountain View residents who oppose the greenfield development on Bay wetlands.

Sweet Georgia Brown looks at the parallels between today’s “bike fashions” and the tweed rides of 1897.

I like a pretty bicycle as much as the next person, but a cycling movement cannot be sustained on expensive bikes and high-end accessories. The message of, “Ride what you’ve got in what you wear everyday,” cannot get lost as we get away from pricey team kits and expensive super-lightweight racing bikes. I’d hate to see a fetish for fixies or imported European bicycles prevent people from taking their old bike out of the garage and riding it.

More at Sweet Georgia Brown: Hoping that not all old things are new again.

Me this morning: I rode my plain black steel Raleigh singlespeed while wearing Dockers and a polo shirt.


  1. • Bicycling is green! My bikes are sea foam green and sharrow green! Neener-neener!

    I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from that CFL study. I’m not considered conservative by most measures, but when I see an “eco-friendly label” on a CFL, my greenwash and treachery alarms go off. There has been a shocking decline in CFL quality and durability over the last 20 years, and the cheapest junk has the eco-grooviest packaging.

  2. CFLs are not eco friendly. CFLs are Hazmat! Plus that articule just shows people like lower prices now versus later

  3. The same thing has happened in the UK in the Murdoch (News International) press. There’s money to be made in cycling now and Murdoch is quick to jump on board with his own professional cycling team (Sky) and campaigns in various newspapers under his control.

    All in all it’s a good thing, even if it’s not necessarily how we’d like to package it ourselves.

  4. Yes, for bike there should not be a matter of fact what type of clothes you concern to wear during, you just get the one you feel is comfortable while biking

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