UBSJ – United Bicyclists of San Jose

A few people I know have started up the United Bicyclists of San Jose to wrest ownership of cycling away from the serious sports minded athletics and democratize the activity for everybody, regardless of bike type or body type.

San Jose Bike Party No Pants Ride July 2013

From their introductory statement:

UBSJ (United Bicyclists of San Jose) is a creative and motivated group of cyclists who live the lifestyle. UBSJ challenges what the bike industry says you should ride or how you should ride. We realize in an effort to keep bicycling fresh we need to collaborate and use the unity of community to make our voices heard.

You’ll find us out in the community riding, building music bikes, putting rides together for kids and families, cleaning up San Jose with our Raven Bikes.

USBJ.ORG, where you can find the best calendar of Bay Area bike events around.

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