Voters, cyclists, Devil’s Slide, and more

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. Busy day at the office so I’ll blast these tidbits out and hope somebody can find something useful from them.

Zachary Parke Memorial Bike Ride

Biking In LA makes an interesting observation about voters and cyclists:

Only 377,881 Angelenos bothered to case a ballot in the city election earlier this month. That’s less than the estimated 400,000 people who ride a bike in Los Angeles every month.

If you don’t care enough to vote, don’t complain about the dangerous streets and lack of infrastructure you’ll help saddle the rest of us with in the years to come.

I’d add that if only 1/10th of one percent of cyclists showed up at a public hearing or council meeting where road projects and budgets are discussion, we would pack the room. I attend three to five public meetings per year and make myself known to the public officials responsible for transportation decisions. I encourage you to do the same.

Devil’s Slide

Caltrans recently opened the new Highway 1 tunnel that bypasses Devil’s Slide north of Pacifica. The old highway around Devil’s Slide is now closed but will (supposedly) become a bicycle path and county park. The tunnel is, however, open to cyclists. Unlike the old highway, it has wide shoulder! Jason Thorpe shot video of his bike ride through the tunnel.

Santa Cruz bike news

A couple of bike accidents were reported to CHP dispatch in Santa Cruz County yesterday. The first was a gravel truck vs a bicycle on Highway 9 in Ben Lomond. This will likely be reported as a suicide swerve — there’s a narrow bridge there’s absolutely no passing room. The cyclist has no choice but to merge into the regular traffic lane from the shoulder.

The second is a hit & run “truck vs bicycle” on Buena Vista Drive north of Watsonville Airport. I have no further details on either collision.

Ewww. The Santa Cruz Police Blotter says a guy was arrested near Aptos High School after he was seen “scratching himself” while astride a bicycle.

More bicycle news

A different kind of box bike: it’s a wooden bike kit bike! (via Kent.)

Wooden bike kit

Boy On A Bike Media Misrepresentation (via Lizbon):

The problem of media bias is largely a reflection of a deeply-ingrained car culture that is so ubiquitous that it is rarely questioned. Mobility, in this context, means getting behind the wheel of a car. Exchanging curbside car parking (on one street) for parklets and bike lanes that enable people to enjoy the neighborhood at a slower pace thus gets transmogrified into an imaginary “war on cars.” Moreover, as with most complete streets plans, this one leaves a significant portion of lateral roadway space for cars.

Cool promotion: Ride your bike on the Ohio & Erie Canal trail one way, and spend $2 for the return trip on the excursion railroad. Normal ticket price is $12 for adults, but that bike you bring on board is worth a $10 discount. Via 8 dot 3.

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