Winter cyclist saves a life

Geoffrey Racette was Just Riding Along in Minneapolis when he spotted a car tire sticking up through the brush by an ice covered pond.

Racette went to investigate and found Nancy Breberg stuck inside of her SUV, which had mysteriously and of its own volition “veered off the road, crashed through a fence, went down the embankment and landed on the pond on the driver’s side,” according to an Associated Press story.

Racette crawled through the back window and fed Breberg some Chex Mix he had been carrying on his ride. She pointed him to her bag of medication [for her diabetes], which he retrieved and handed over to paramedics who soon arrived.

Yay for winter bike commuters who carry snacks while they ride! Breberg’s husband Ron Breberg says he plans to give Racette “the biggest hug I’ve given anybody” for saving his wife.

More –> Bicyclist hailed as hero for discovering Minn. woman trapped in car in icy pond for 18 hours.

Via Paul in Tulsa.

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