3 foot law in the Sentinel

Stephen Baxter wrote a decent piece for the Sentinel about the three foot law coming into effect on September 16. There might be a quote in it from Yours Truly, and of course the usual reader comments following about the law breaking scofflaws that cyclists all are. They don’t provide any solutions, of course, so I’ll suggest my own: give all of those law-breaking cyclists a car, because more idiots in cars will make our roads safer, less congested, and better in every way!

Santa Cruz Bike Party Friday June 21 2013

Read it: Cyclists, police prepare for new ‘Three Feet for Safety’ law in Santa Cruz County: New rule requires drivers to keep cyclists at arm’s length.

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  1. Sent an email to the author complaining about his use or the person who should have known betters use of the phrase, as close as possible instead of practical. If it is a direct quote from the Highway Patrol Office he needs education.

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