Bicycle self-defense, 1901

Marcus Tindal took the illustrations from a self-defense article published in 1901 and converted them into animated GIFs.

How to use a bicycle as a shield

Pearson’s Magazine published an article describing “Self Defense on a Bicycle” with the lede “How you may best defend yourself when attacked by modern highwaymen, showing yow you should act when menaced by footpads, when chased by another cyclist, and when attacked under various other circumstances; showing, also, how the cycle may be used as a weapon.”

Tindal converted the illustrations to animated GIFs and posted them to his Tumblr for your enjoyment and education. You never know when a modern highwayman might assault you on a bike trail and demand your bike and your phone.

Explore remarks on the use of women in this guide, in an age when bicycles were a tool of autonomy for women.

H/T Jennifer Oulette.

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