Bike train fun and a round up

We welcomed some newcomers to the San Jose Bike Train this morning, which is our casual morning bike commute from San Jose Diridon Station to destinations north along the Guadalupe River Trail. Photo of the ride start courtesy of San Jose DOT bike coordinator John Brazil. More bike stuff under the photo. And remember, California: Rain begins tomorrow!

San Jose Bike Train

Remember when the Virginia House of Delegates shot down a common sense dooring law last year? They did the same thing again this week. At least 40 states and the District of Columbia have a law on the books prohibiting motorists from opening a car door into traffic.

Suzy Safdie walked her bike into her daughter’s office building and left it leaning in the hallway. Seconds later, it was stolen. Because her iPhone was also in the bike’s saddlebag, Suzy tracked the bike to an apartment building in the Tenderloin and retrieved the bike with the help of ten (yes, count them: 10) San Francisco police officers. H/T Jym.

The U.S. Federal Government’s outdoor recreation portal,, talks about the S24O. Tip of the Smokey the Bear hat to Commute By Bike.

Peter Sagan’s curb clearing bunnyhop during the Tour of Oman.

Parking vs bike lanes in Portland, OR.

Professor Trainboat’s poem about traffic. Via Bike East Bay.

What went wrong with the traffic engineering profession?

The next San Jose Bike Train takes place Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 8 AM at San Jose Diridon Station. Here’s the Faceboook event page to help with scheduling, but it’s not required for participation. San Jose Bike Train is a casual, no-drop bike commute traveling north along the Guadalupe River Trail. Ping me if you think you’d like to participate.

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