Griffin surprises path cyclist; film at 11

I was just riding along the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose CA this morning when, silent as death, a monstrous hawk swooped directly in front of me, dropped into the grass next to me, then lifted off with something furry and bloody in its talons.

Elsewhere on the path this morning, I encountered a guy driving his gasoline scooter (the Vespa kind, not a Razr with a 2 stroke putter) on the path. I assumed this is illegal, but such things are regulated at the local level in California and I find no San Jose municipal code restricting powered cycles from city trails. Does anybody know differently?

Unfortunately, no running video camera for me this morning, so instead of dramatic nature footage, say hello to Greg, who returned to work this morning after spending the holidays with his family in Wisconsin. More bike news from the weekend below.

Greg from Wisconsin

Trek buys cruiser bike company Electra.

Residential developers use bicycle images to lure home buyers in Las Vegas. H/T to Alan in Vegas.

You all have seen Chris Froome’s new completely see-through bike kit, right?

Polar vortex, etc: Why wind chill deserves our cold shoulder. I have a lot more to say about this but, unfortunately, not the time.

Giro d'Italia snow mountain pass

How many of you feel a little ripped off that you can’t use the various gas rewards discounts offered by supermarket chains?

Streetsblog DC looks at what recent and upcoming leadership changes at U.S. DOT may mean for bicycle policy at the Federal level.

2014 is an election year for the USA. Do you remember this bike riding Birther Tea Party candidate from 2010?

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