Hump Day quickie bike updates

During the San Jose Bike Train today we saw Israel Prime Minister and California Governor Jerry Brown walk from the tarmac into a waiting caravan of black vans as we rode alongside San Jose International Airport. What did you see on your commute today?

Christian Lent begins today. My reflections as recycled from 2010. More bicycle silliness below the photo of the rider on the trail.

Night Helmetography

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s plan for safer roads.

League of American Bicyclists encourages you to contact your Representatives and Senators to support this list of asks during the National Bike Summit taking place now in Washington DC.

Po Campo announces a bag designed specifically for use with Bixi-designed bike share bikes. The presser says:

Love using the bike share system in your city but hate how hard it is to carry stuff? The roomy Po Campo Bike Share Bag makes it easy to carry everything you need by fitting perfectly into the front rack/basket of the common bike share bike. Integrated bungee straps securely and quickly attach the bag to the bike.

Designed exclusively for the bike share bikes used in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, and other cities.

I’ve carried my dog, lunch, jackets, and bags on those tiny little front carrier racks, so I didn’t realize the lack of carrying capacity was a thing. On my TODO list: toting a full sized bicycle in that front rack. Perhaps I’ll try that tonight, so watch for photos.

This has never been an issue for me, but maybe this can help others: Free saddle mod fixes the groin pressure problem.

walnut cracker

A helicopter vs a bicycle?

Blue Honda Accord vs bicyclist on Aptos, CA.

Mark Cavendish has a new book: At Speed: My Life in the Fast Lane. Just as refreshingly cheeky and transparent as his first book. A fast, enjoyable read. More in-depth review coming soon.

Mark Cavendish At Speed book cover

With the new mayor, Los Angeles seems to be backsliding on their commitmentb to promote bicycle transportation.

Design a new highway through Illinois farmland, then invent justifications to build it.

You can join Dublin Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn this Sunday in San Jose during a special Bike Party ride around downtown San Jose beginning at City Hall. You can see details here. A bike party is probably the exact opposite of Lent, but oh well.

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