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There’s a nice photo essay of Dublin Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn’s ride with San Jose Bike Party in the Merc-News today.

More bicycle stuff below the photo of Pyongyang style bicycle transportation, where North Korean state media announced Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un won 100% of the vote in his election to the Supreme People’s Assembly in a seething atmosphere of electoral delight and happiness.

DC cyclist mocks Cat 6 racers.

Some states allow cyclists (of both the pedal powered and motorized variety) to run red lights if the light doesn’t turn green for “light duty vehicles.” In spite of a constant stream of Internet misinformation to the contrary, California is not one of those states, and it’s not hard to find tales from motorcycle riders who are ticketed in California for running a perpetual red light. This motorcycle forum owner is on a mission to fix that situation for California two-wheelers. Via whoever tweets from People Power Santa Cruz.

Cyclists are 10 times more likely to be killed in South Carolina than in Oregon.

Mr Roadshow (in San Jose California) answers reader mail from Connecticut (?) about the proper method of hooking a cyclist.

This photo shows the view turning from Summit Road (in rural Santa Clara County) onto Soquel San Jose Road (in Santa Cruz County).

Greeted w/ BMUFL as I turn into Santa Cruz County

Kent’s poetry examines the mindset of victim blaming.

Tektro mechanical disk caliper recall.

Dinosaur Comics and cities designed for the exclusive use of vehicles powered by dead dinosaurs.

Bike Hugger David from Seattle on Austin espresso as he visits SXSW.

CNN goes in-depth on the issue of cycling safety and health: “Cycling: Road to fitness, or accident waiting to happen?” Via the professor who dreams up course ideas while riding his bike.

National Bike Summit wrap up video from Streetfilms.

The public health implications of driverless cars.

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  1. • In 1994 I went on an environmental fundraising bike ride in Dublin, along with the then-Lord Mayor who was on an old 10-speed (a little battered but perfectly serviceable — steel is real). Along the way, some of the lads who’d organized the ride talked about taking up a collection to get the Lord Mayor a new bike.

    I was a little taken aback by this. I’d seen U.S. mayoralty riding on Bike-to-Work Day, and an old 10-speed indicated that they were there for a photo op. It turns out that this guy, John Gormley, was the real deal: as with many European Green leaders, his bike what he used it to get around.

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