Japan’s mahogany bikes in the news

Some of you might remember the mahogany laminate bicycles built by shipbuilder Sueshiro Sano and shown at the Japan Handmade Bicycle Fair in 2010. Sano and his “Sanomagic” bikes are once again making in appearance in the mainstream media.

Sueshiro Sano owns a 200 year old business that handcrafts stunningly beautiful ocean going wooden sailing vessels. He’s a bike nut and began experimenting with wood laminate bicycles in 2007.

You can view Sano’s wooden bicycles at his Sanomagic studio in Tokyo directly across from Shinkiba Station on the Keiyo Line in the Port of Tokyo.

According to the captions on these photos provided by Getty Images, these wooden bikes sell for about US$20,000.

Learn more about Sanomagic bikes and ships at Sano’s English language website.

Those of you in the USA, remember you can buy wood laminate Renovo Bikes with frames starting at about $2500. Renovo has a showroom in Sausalito, California, which is the town in Marin County where the Star Trek crew found George and Gracie.

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