Millions of motorists have joined the SHARE-THE-ROAD club!

“Traffic boners are on the way out –” proclaims this breathless ad promoting road rage published in TIME magazine in 1939.

Shell Share the Road Club 1939

“Aside from the danger to life and limb, discourteous driving habits are a major cause of today’s traffic congestion,” says a traffic engineer with an unreadable signature. “I believe about 25% of all ‘stop-and-go’ could be eliminated by courteous driving — by sharing the road.”

Public opinion is cracking down on ‘Screwdrivers’ — cutting down Stop-and-go driving. Millions of motorists are helping.

This crusade grows out of Shell’s traffic and engineering research. First came Super-Shell Gasoline, refined to cut the cost of Stop-and-Go. Now, through the nation-wide SHARE-THE-RAOD movement, motorists are cutting the amount of nerve-racking, time-wasting, fuel-wasting Stop-and-Go!

SHOW YOUR COLORS — your Shell dealer will attach the SHARE-THE-ROAD emblem to your car — give yo uthe booklet illustrating traffic-snarling boners pulled by “Screwdrivers.” No charge.

On the Stop-and-Go that can’t be avoided, save with Super-Shell. As for the rest — let’s get rid of it! You’ll be able to driver farther — with more convenience and safety!

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  1. It’s really swell how the Traffic Engineer’s imposing visage underscores his commitment to ending boners and other discourteous driving habits.

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