Need help in San Jose for bike photo project next week

Hi all,

Lady Fleur, Cowgirl Bike Courier and Cyclelicious will team up next Thursday evening to shoot photos of people with bikes as they hold up signs showing why they bike, somewhat akin to this and other similar projects.

We’d like to capture the diversity of people who ride bikes around downtown San Jose, including those who are typically under the radar of traditional cycling advocacy.

Diversity in bike events

We plan to fan out in teams of two or three beginning about 5:30 PM in downtown San Jose on Thursday, October 2. One person in each team will chat up the person on the bike, the other person is the photographer. Somebody who knows Spanish or Mandarin would be helpful. We’ll do this until about 6:30.

Please get in touch if you think you can help out with this.


P.S. San Jose Bike Train runs next Wednesday, October 1!

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