New stations for San Jose Bike Train 2015

Happy New Year, all.

I’m excited to announce two new stations for San Jose Bike Train for the first ride of 2015, which will take place the morning of Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

San Jose Bike Train route change proposal

What is San Jose Bike Train?

San Jose Bike Train is a slow pace group bike ride designed specifically to ease newcomers to try bike commuting in San Jose, California. We ride in the mornings on the first and third Wednesday of every month, year round in the wind, rain, or sunshine. The main ride begins at 8 AM from San Jose Diridon Station, with a 6:30 AM ride also available. San Jose Bike Train serves destinations along the Guadalupe River Trail from downtown to Highway 237. This includes the office parks and light industrial areas of San Jose along Guadalupe Parkway (Highway 87), and North First Street, as well as San Jose International Airport and employers in the city of Santa Clara north of the airport.

Park and Ride

To encourage you to meet your goals for the new year, San Jose Bike Train will add two new start locations. The first is the VTA Park & Ride lot off of Curtner Avenue at Highway 87, where 474 parking spaces are available.

275 parking spaces are available at the Tamien Park and Ride lot. Parking is free at both of these VTA lots.

RSVP is absolutely required for anybody who would like to start at either of these VTA lots. Departure will be 7:30 AM from Curtner. Bike Train departs Tamien at 7:45 AM, Diridon Station at 8:05 AM, and Bel Bacio Coffee by 8:10 AM.

San Jose Bike Train 2015 route

From Curtner there is one short section of heavy traffic before we hit off-street trails and two blocks of very low traffic residential street. Bike Train will help you navigate these segment.

If you plan to join San Jose Bike Train at either Curtner or Tamien, advance notice is required. Please leave a comment below, ping me on Twitter, or leave a comment on the San Jose Bike Train Facebook page by 9 PM the night before the ride.

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