No San Jose Bike Train this week

Attention San Jose: San Jose Bike Train will not operate this week. The next Bike Train runs on Wednesday, July 16.

Additional bike and transit stuff below the photo of that awesome dude waving the American flag from his (made in Canada) bicycle.

Bicycle and American flag

What is the Trek Nomade?

LA Metro adds bike representatives to their citizen advisory board. A few people responded with “IT’S ABOUT TIME,” but I know many agencies would like to have bike people on their commissions but don’t because CYCLISTS DON’T SHOW UP TO THE MEETINGS. You get what you ask for, people.

94% of cyclists stop at red lights, according to a study in Oregon that counted riders in the cities of Portland, Beaverton, Corvallis and Eugene.

Futbol players ride bicycles. Shown below: Forward Romelu Lukaku, midfielder Dries Mertens and midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, all of Belgium.

Barfly mount for Cateye cyclecomputers.

California’s “Class IV Bikeway” bill passes Senate committee. California classifies bikeways into three categories: Class I (fully separated bike paths and MUPs), Class II (bike lanes on the road), and Class III (signed on-street bike routes with no specific engineering). Class IV would be sidepaths and “protected bike lanes” – facilities directly adjacent to the roadway but buffered with curbs, soft hit posts and the like. CABO opposes; CBC supports.

Clutch Couriers in Santa Cruz wonders about the connection between entitled and empowered. I have something along these lines scheduled for first thing Tuesday morning.

Medium: Cargo Bike Roll Call.

My old information on transportation to the Scotts Valley fireworks show from 2009 and 2012 still works. Last year I saw a number of people who biked up to Scotts Valley from Santa Cruz to watch the show.

If you plan to get around using public transportation this Friday during the Independence Day holiday, be aware that most transportation agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey Bay Region will operate on a holiday or Sunday schedule. For many smaller agencies and commuter lines, that means no service. Santa Cruz Metro operates the Highway 17 and ParaCruz services only; there is no local service this Friday. For Bay Area transit, visit 511 Bay Area July 4 Holiday Schedule information.

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