Patch your tube without removing the tire

Forget about Lance Armstrong’s tire repair expertise and the hundreds of spinoff videos. This “Patch N Ride” bicycle tire tube repair gizmo seems slicker yet cleaner than liquid tire sealants. The claim: You can repair flat bicycles tires (tubulars and clinchers, tubeless coming Real Soon Now) without removing the tire and tube from the wheel. After locating the puncture, a needle plunges a patch under the tire and into the tube.

The patchnride kit consists of the patchnride tool and consumable “patch pods” that contain the actual patch.

I have no experience with the patchnride repair kit, but I plan to pre-order soon and try it out on my own. A kit with the tool, two patch pods and two leak detectors is available for pre-order for $25 plus $5 shipping to USA addresses. If you order, you also get a referral code to get a $5 credit on future orders up to the $25 purchase price of the next patchnride kit. Product should begin shipping in about September. Replacement patch pod order information will be available later this week.

Via Singletrack Magazine with a tip of the hat to Benjamin in San Diego.

If you’re curious about how this works, this animation explains the patchnride concept.


  1. I would be VERY interested to hear anybody’s experience with this on tubular tires. I have not had a lot of success patching them conventionally.

  2. Looks kinda bogus…not that hard to swap out a few tube if riding clinchers. I use ’em around town and on moutain bike, just use thicked tubes with lotsa sealant, No problems here in the Sonoran Desert. Tubulars, we used to call ’em sew ups, aren’t that hard to fix, take a bit of learning how to re-stitch. I love ’em still for long road rides., easy to swap out ad be on your way quickly. This gadget is kinda pricey anyway.

  3. Looks a bit bulky. It would be interesting to read reviews from real users too. I could see this catching on if it was actually reliable, but I have my doubts. Problem is, it would take a long time to trust it enough to leave tubes and patches at home anyway.

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