Pedals, tacos and Solange rides a bicycle

Gabriel Harris sad cyclist

Reminder: SF Bike Expo is THIS WEEKEND at the Cow Palace.

With so much to be happy about, why does Gabriel look so sad?

Gabriel wanted tacos, but because he biked through the drive-through at Taco Bell, he was denied service, refused to leave when asked to do so, and was eventually arrested. Cheezburger has the scoop.

More important bicycle news below the photo of Solange Knowles and her fiancee Alan Ferguson as they get ready to bike to their wedding in New Orleans, LA.

ICYMI: Bono’s Central Park bicycle crash hurt him a lot more than his band originally let on.

Devilish running dog lackey of interloping foreign imperialist western oppressors dares to impede legitimate motor vehicle traffic in Beijing.

Santa Cruz County California: Pedestrian traffic upgrades planned for Soquel schools.

Read about adventures in tracking down stolen bike chop shops in Hillsborough, OR.

If you don’t want thieves to know where they can find high end bikes when they follow you on Strava, enable the privacy zone. Consider also that they can probably find your home address via other means.

For those of you with monster cyclist thighs, have I mentioned Keirin Cut Jeans yet? 12 days left to this Kickstarter for jeans you can ride a bike in. Available for men and women. Estimated delivery in February, 2015.

Keirin Cut Jeans

Pub Pedals (show below) are another take on googaws meant to enable using regular shoes on clipless pedals. These are designed for use on Eggbeater pedals by sliding on and snapping into place. And they come in colors!

Pub Pedals

The psychology of road rage.

American grocery chain Safeway will sponsor a pro continental team.

SF Chinatown goes after those space hogging sidewalk placards.

Cycling Book Club

I can recommend any and all of these books.

More transportation related headlines at Streetsblog SF.

Arlington VA budgets to plow bike trails this winter.

Obligatory cyclist photo in a news story about lake effect snow.

Obligatory photo of a cyclist “braving the cold temperatures” in a news story about the arctic chill.

Here’s Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson again, this time astride their bikes.


Tell me: How sad would you be if couldn’t bike for tacos at 3 AM? And DON’T FORGET: SF Bike Expo is THIS WEEKEND at the Cow Palace.



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