Tricky Dick rode a bicycle

Richard Milhous Nixon enjoys the flowering cherry blossoms with Pat and their daughter Tricia in 1947 shortly after the beginning of his freshman term representing the state of California in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Richard Nixon on a bicycle

It was on this date in 1972 that a security guard at the Watergate office building noticed disabled door locks. Police then found and arrested five burglars at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee office inside the complex. Washington Post investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein followed the money to find the burglary was connected to Nixon’s campaign for re-election. The resulting exposure of clumsy coverups and dirty tricks eventually led to Nixon’s resignation in 1974. One month after his succession to president, Eagle Scout Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon “for any crimes he might have committed against the United States while President.”


  1. I am sure that when President Ford pardoned Nixon, he was thinking of how Tricky Dick not only rode his bike without a helmet, but also subjected his daughter to untold risks on the bike.

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