San Jose endorsements 2014

California primary elections take place next Tuesday, June 3, 2014. The top two vote getters for those seeking office will be eligible to run in the general election in November. If any candidate gets a majority of votes next week then that candidate wins without a run off. Below are my endorsements and my predictions.

San Jose Mayor

Sam LIccardo bikes to work

A recent independent survey shows Dave Cortese and Sam Liccardo with comfortable leads over the other six candidates in the field, although the
English-only polling likely excludes a large number of San Jose voters.

I’ve covered my reasons to support several times on these pages, so I’ll simply remind you that I support Sam Liccardo in his bid for mayor. His ambitions lie beyond City Hall in California’s third largest city, and I believe Liccardo can eventually be a powerful ally for cyclists in the Assembly and the Governor’s Mansion.

My prediction: Cortese will clearly make the November ballot. Second place will likely be Liccardo, but it’s not a sure thing so it’s important to vote and to encourage your friends to vote.

San Jose District 1

Bicycles for Susan Marsland San Jose

Susan Marsland is the clear choice. You can show your support for this D-1 candidate at a Susan Marsland Bike Party this Friday led by the husband and wife team of David and Susan Marsland. David will start at City Hall in 7 PM, while Susan joins up at Century 21 Theatre DOMES at 8:15 PM.

My prediction: Paul Fong (who told the Mercury News that “I know the San Jose area very well because I’ve driven by it every day”) and Chappie Jones (an avid road cyclist). Still, get the vote out and you might see an upset victory.

San Jose District 3

District 3 covers downtown San Jose. All of the candidates live in or near downtown. Their responses to the I Walk I Bike I Vote questionnaire clearly highlights that they understand the benefits of walking and, for the most part, cycling in the urban core. It’s an embarrassment of riches for voters.

Early on, I supported candidate Kathy Sutherland. I still believe she makes a worthwhile candidate. Since then, however, I’ve learned more about Don Gagliardi and now endorse him for the D-3 council seat.

My prediction: Gagliardi and Sutherland.

San Jose District 5

I’ll hold my nose and endorse Xavier Campos. The incumbent allied himself with Liccardo and Rose Herrera in supporting the Hedding Street street calming projects and similar projects around San Jose. I don’t know what Magdalena Carrasco and Aaron Resendez think of bikes.

Campos and Carrasco will win the primary next week.

San Jose District 7

I haven’t connected with the candidates but I like the voters guide answers provided by Buu Thai.

I don’t know enough about D-7 to predict anything.

San Jose District 9

Both candidates for District 9 — Donald Rocha and Lois Wilco-Owens — appeal to me. Rocha has a reputation as somebody who can be difficult to work with, so I’ll tip my hat to Wilco-Owens. She lives in Willow Glen. Her adult son rides the Caltrain bike car every day from San Jose to San Francisco.

Prediction: Rocha as incumbent will likely win more votes. If he gets a majority in the primaries, he automatically wins an no run-off is needed in the November general election.

Photo credits: Dave Beaty / MTC and I Walk I Bike I Vote.

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