San Jose police investigate pedestrian hit-and-run fatality

Local news media reported yet another pedestrian hit-and-run fatality in San Jose, CA. This one occurred on Snell Avenue just south of Capitol Expressway in south San Jose.

There’s a twist in this case: police are treating this death not as an accident, but a homicide:

Two groups of people got into a confrontation inside the flea market and were ordered to leave by security.

The individuals then got into a fight just outside the flea market at the intersection of Snell Avenue and Capitol Expressway.

One of the men involved in the fight was struck by a vehicle in the middle of the street. Both groups of people got into different vehicles and fled the scene before police arrived.

It turns out the man who was hit was also stabbed prior to getting run over. Hence, the extra police time and effort to investigate this case, and the extra media attention.

Local rabble rouser and pedestrian safety observer Carlos wryly comments:

Carlos - pedestrian hit and run San Jose February 2014

If I’m counting correctly, this is the third pedestrian or cyclist fatality in the city of San Jose for 2014. 69 year old Peter Reynoso lost his life on Tully Road on January 12. Five days later, a 14 year old girl on a bicycle was killed after she was hit by a light rail train.

The January 2014 hit-and-run death of a pedestrian on the I-680 onramp from Highway 101 took place outside of San Jose city limits.

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