Santa Cruz bicycle heat map

Here’s a heatmap showing where people ride their bikes in the central part of Santa Cruz, California, as captured and processed by Raceshape. Red is more, blue is less. Click through to view larger.

Santa Cruz heatmap

We can see Cliff Drive (both East and West) are popular, as are Beach Street, Front Street, Swift, Laurel and King. There’s a surprising amount of activity on Mission Street.

This map shows people who first track their rides to Strava, and then use Raceshape to “normalize” their GPS tracks to a Strava segment. Raceshape collects data from the entire ride and updates the heatmap map on an hourly basis.

The data source probably means the maps is likely skewed toward those who are more athletically inclined. Still, it seems to be useful information showing which streets are often used by cyclists around the city of Santa Cruz, California.

Compare against Strava’s Saturday heatmap.


  1. I’ve seen the heat map before but not the Strava one. I signed up but not for the premium. I’ve been trying to get people to use Strava on their daily rides to show use of roads by cyclists. Good to know you can pull up some Strava detail by time of day. I’ve also pushed this to Sunnyvale to help with counts for riders on roads mostly to have real data to make it easier to get more bike facilities. So I’m basicallly using the service to track my rides on errands commuting, and trips to go shopping. I do know that the users are a skewed demographic.

  2. Not too surprized by the numbers on Mission. Major route and slow speed limit even thought there is a lot of traffic. Riders might go early and avoid most of the motorists.

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