Santa Cruz bicycle theft report

A couple of items of note from Santa Cruz, California.

  • The Santa Cruz Police Blog asks for the public’s help in identifying a suspect who allegedly stole a bicycle and then attempted a purse snatching on Soquel Avenue. The missing bicycle is a “grey Schwinn street bicycle with thin tires & wheels. The bike has a modified seat post using aluminum cans as a spacer for the seat post.”

  • Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Deputies detained 51-year-old Gary Galloway on Monday after they spotted him riding a child’s Disney Princess bicycle on Ocean Street. The bicycle flower-shaped pedals, pink training wheels, drawings of Disney princesses on the frame, and bright, white rubber tires. Read more at KSBW: Pink princess bicycle stolen in Santa Cruz; 1 arrested.

  • This one isn’t in Santa Cruz but still noteworty: a man suspected of stealing $147K in bikes in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

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