Seabright Brewery co-owner seriously injured in bike crash

Keith Cranmer, a co-owner of the popular Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz, California, was seriously injured in an apparent solo bike crash on Wednesday, March 5. He remains hospitalized in Oakland with serious injuries.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

About 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Cranmer was on his morning bike ride between the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley

[Cranmer] was riding downhill with a helmet on and was found unconscious about 30 feet from his road bike, witnesses said. It was not clear if a car pulled in front of him, his tire blew out or what caused the crash

More in the Sentinel: Cycling crash injures co-owner of Seabright Brewery. With best wishes for a complete recovery for Mr. Cranmer, who frequently hosts meetings and events for bike advocates at his establishment.

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  1. Terrible news. Also scary, as I am just about to get on my bike and ride up that exact road. In the downhill direction, it is one of my favorite descents in the East Bay. Smooth pavement, no cross-streets and few driveways, and scary steep between LHS and the Botanic Garden, plus some breathtaking turns to boot. Quite easy to reach/exceed 35mph on the steepest pitch.

    I sincerely hope Mr. Cranmer recovers to ride again. I will be a bit more careful next time I ride there because of him.

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