Smart Hat for responsible cyclists

This is a troll, right?

smart hat

The Australian creator of this “Smart Hat” claims this helmet “addresses some of the more inflammatory issues between cyclists, pedestrians and road users.” The helmet is a “multi layer helmet construction with impact absorbing features and facial protection from ground impact.”

Smart Hat electronic features - bicycle helmet

Other features include object proximity warning, turn signal, automatic brake lights, automatic head light and night lights, visor with heads up display, rear view mirrors, motorised wiper system for bad weather, cooling fan, RFID for easy law enforcement tracking, hyperwave radio relay to phone home to Space Command, alien death beam reactive armor, gravitic dampener and micro-fusion power supply all in a package that promises “superior comfort.” Ha ha.

Space Helmet toy for boys

Read more about information about this helmet at the Official Spaceman Spiff Fan Club.

H/T to Australian cycling journalist Michael O’Reilly.


  1. I would really like to see some good crash test data on this design. Seems like there are a lot of flat surfaces. I can see the weight also being a safety issue.

    I think you nailed it with the “spaceman spiff.” Seens like something a sixth grader came up with.

  2. It’s missing the clock. I guess there was so much stuffed in there they didn’t have room for a clock. Just give me a rubber band. LOL sorry for the SpyKids reference but that is how I see this thing…

  3. I didn’t see a bottle opener.

    So somebody actually thinks anyone would wear this? Not a chance. They’d have to lock me up.

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